Le Chateau was started with a simple vision that sparked a journey to bring French cuisine to the streets of West New York. When our founders took a vacation to the historic city of Paris, France, They were inspired by the authenticity and luxury of fine dining food service. They were determined to bring that quality back home and with that vision, Le Chateau was born. Establisted in 2012, on the corner of Park ave and 67th st, This dream of building a castle for all to come and enjoy the pampering of cool drinks and ready food has become a reality.


Le Chateau means “The Castle” in french and we on embody all the ideals of a perfect castle at our restaurant. There will always be a refreshing drink, a warm meal and a welcoming smile at our home. Our Menu is a fusion of latin cuisine with french quality and service. Our mssion to give our Latin commmunity an authentic dining experience with the taste and feel of tradtional hispanic food.

It’s our passion to welcome you from all walks of life to enjoy our outdoor seating, the occational live performance and trendy music. We’re here to serve you when you’re ready to stop by, so feel free to reserve a table or walk in for one of our relaxing apa’s or beers.


We’re Here to help and we’re proud to serve you




Founder/ Bartender